Constant Meijers, Boudewijn Büch

Songs In The Key Of Life : Popkritiek 1970 - 1980


Main Details
Author Constant Meijers
Author Boudewijn Büch
Publisher Jongerenmedia
Cover Art by Frans Oude Elferink
Typeset by Euroset bv
Printed by Van Boeckhoven-Bosch
About/Subject Stevie Wonder
About/Subject Bob Dylan
About/Subject The Rolling Stones
About/Subject The Beatles
About/Subject The Kinks
About/Subject The Who
About/Subject Chuck Berry
About/Subject Muddy Waters
About/Subject Sex Pistols
About/Subject Roxy Music
About/Subject Lou Reed
About/Subject Van der Graaf Generator
About/Subject David Bowie
About/Subject Nick Drake
About/Subject Tim Buckley
About/Subject Pere Ubu
About/Subject Neil Young
About/Subject Gram Parsons
About/Subject The Beach Boys
About/Subject Ry Cooder
About/Subject James Taylor (2)
About/Subject Bonnie Raitt
About/Subject The Eagles
About/Subject Jackson Browne
About/Subject James Brown
About/Subject Captain Beefheart
About/Subject Frank Zappa
About/Subject The Police
About/Subject Marianne Faithfull
About/Subject Randy Newman
About/Subject Iggy Pop
About/Subject Herman van Veen
About/Subject Little Feat
About/Subject The Band
About/Subject Roy Orbison
About/Subject Buddy Holly
About/Subject Elvis Presley
About/Subject Bruce Springsteen
About/Subject John Martyn
About/Subject Todd Rundgren
About/Subject Jerry Riopelle
About/Subject Steve Winwood
About/Subject Van Morrison
About/Subject Eric Clapton
About/Subject Donovan
About/Subject Ramones
About/Subject The Byrds
About/Subject The Allman Brothers Band
About/Subject Jerry Lee Lewis
About/Subject Genesis
About/Subject Gruppo Sportivo
About/Subject Mink DeVille
About/Subject Elvis Costello
Writer Wim Noordhoek
Writer Jip Golsteijn
Writer Bert van der Kamp
Writer Geert Henderickx
Writer Jan Donkers
Writer Jan-Maarten de Winter
Writer Hans Vandenburg
Writer Elly de Waard
Writer Guy Mortier
Writer Rik Zaal
Writer Bert Jansen
Writer Peter van Bruggen
Identifying Codes
ISBN 90 70194 04 X
Format Paperback
Publication Location Amsterdam
Page Count 272 pages
Language Dutch


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