Brian Jacques


1990 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Brian Jacques
Imprint Red Fox
Series Redwall
Illustrator Gary Chalk
First Published by Hutchinson Children's Books
Publisher Arrw Books Ltd*
Copyright Holder (Text) Brian Jacques
Copyright Holder (Illustrations) Gary Chalk
Printed and Bound by Cox & Wyman Ltd
Publisher Random Century Group
First Published by Beaver
First Published 1986
Copyright 1986
Republished 1987
Reprinted 1988
Reprinted 1989
Reprinted 1990
This Edition Published 1990
Reprinted 1990
Reprinted 1991
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-09-951200-9
Barcode 9 780099 512004
Price UKĀ£3.50
Other Reg. No. 954009
Series Number 1
Format Mass-Market Paperback
Publication Location London, UK
Page Count 416 pages
Language English
Chapters Book One: The Wall
Book Two: The Quest
Book Three: The Warrior


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