Kleine Science Fiction Omnibus 1

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Various
Publisher A.W. Bruna & Zoon Utrecht/Antwerpen
Series Bruna Science Fiction
Published in/by Arrangement with Scott Meredith Literary Agency, Inc.
Published in/by Arrangement with E. J. Carnell*
Compiled by Aart C. Prins
Cover/Jacket Design by Dick Bruna
Copyright Holder Clifford D. Simak
Contributing Writer Clifford D. Simak
Contributing Writer Fredric Brown
Contributing Writer Poul Anderson
Contributing Writer Theodore Sturgeon
Contributing Writer Lester del Rey
This Edition Published
Identifying Codes
Series Number 45
ISBN 10 90 229 9045 1
Other D/1976/0939/21
Format Pocket book
Publication Location Utrecht/Antwerpen
Page Count 315 pages
Language Dutch
Chapters 1. Clifford D. Simak - Fata morgana
2. Fredric Brown - 'Arena'
3. Poul Anderson - Sam Hall
4. Fredric Brown - Wie de waarheid weet, wordt gek
5. Theordore Sturgeon - Killdozer
6. Fredric Brown - Een sprankje groen
7. Clifford D. Simak - Bruggehoofd
8. Lester del Rey - 'Want ik ben een naijverig God'


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