Frank Farian-Report 99 - Daddy Cool

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Main Details
Publisher rundy - Informationsdienst für Medien und Politik
Editor in Chief Reginald Rudorf
Editor in Chief Tillmann Rudorf
Photography Archive BMG
Photography Archive Hansa
Photography Archive FAR
Publisher Contex Verlag GmbH
About/Subject Frank Farian
About/Subject Boney M.
About/Subject Eruption
About/Subject Milli Vanilli
About/Subject La Bouche
About/Subject No Mercy
About/Subject FAR Corporation
Cover Date
Format Promo
Publication Location Stockstadt, Germany
Page Count 32 pages
Language German
Notes An official promo magazine, not sold anywhere, associated with BMG.
Farian's career overview, all artists covered (back cover lists the 22 he has worked with), lots of photos, detailed timeline, features on Boney M., Milli Vanilli, Rasputin/Russia/Kreml. Filled with inside detail, some unpublished elsewhere.

Printed on glossy quality paper in full colour, with the cover of slightly thicker paper.
Dimensions: 30 x 22 x 0,2 cm
Weight: 168 g


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