Rand Miller, Robyn Miller

The Myst Reader

1997 (Copyright)

Main Details
Author Rand Miller
Author Robyn Miller
Co-Author David Wingrove
Illustrator Tom Bowman
Illustrator William Cone
Series Myst
Copyright Holder Cyan Inc.
Publisher Hyperion
Cover Art by The Leonhardt Group
Designed by The Leonhardt Group
Copyright 1997
Identifying Codes
ISBN 1-4013-0781-7
Barcode 9781401307813
Price USA $20.00
Price Canada $26.00
Format Paperback
Publication Location United States of America
Page Count 930 pages
Language English
Chapters 1 - The Book Of Atrus [page 1 to 271]
2 - The Book Of Ti’ana [page 273 to 629]
3 - The Book Of D’ni [page 631 to 923]
Epilogue [page 925 to 930]


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