Guida pratica agli alberi e arbusti in Italia

1985 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Editorial Director Carlo Rossi Fantonetti
Executive Director Emma Pizzoni
Curated by Esmond Harris
Curated by Jeanette Harris
Curated by Alessandro Chiusoli
Curated by Cristina Bignami
Curated by Filippo D'Antuono
Scientific Advisor Alessandro Chiusoli
Translated by Francesco Franconeri
Publisher Selezione dal Reader's Digest
Publisher Series Biblioteca per chi ama la natura
Copyright Holder (Original Edition) Reader's Digest Association Far East Ltd.
Copyright Holder (Original Edition) Reader's Digest Association Far East Ltd. Philippines
Copyright Renewed By Verlag Das Beste GmbH
Copyright Holder (This Edition) Selezione dal Reader's Digest
Printed by Officine Grafiche Fratelli Stianti
About/Subject Trees
About/Subject Shrubs
This Edition Published 1985
First Printing in Country 1983-02
Reprinted 1984-07
Reprinted 1985-05
Copyright 1981
Copyright 1981
Copyright 1982
Copyright 1983
Identifying Codes
ISBN 10 88-7045-037-6 (serie)
Format Hardback
Publication Location Italy
Page Count 303 + 1 pages
Language Italian
Original Language English
Original Title Nature Lover's Library Field Guide to Trees and Shrubs


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