Pierre Lieutaghi

Il libro dei frutti selvatici

1981-01 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Pierre Lieutaghi
Translated by Tito A. Spagnol
Photography Tullio Mondi
Cover/Jacket Design by John Alcorn
Publisher Rizzoli
Publisher Series Natura Amica
Copyright Holder Robert Morel Editeur
Copyright Holder (This Edition) Rizzoli
Printed by Rizzoli
About/Subject Wild fruits
This Edition Published 1981
This Edition Published 1981-01
Copyright 1974
Copyright 1974
Printed 1981-01
Identifying Codes
Edition No.
Format Hardback
Publication Location Italy
Page Count 269 + 3 pages
Language Italian
Original Language French
Original Title Le livre des fruits sauvages
Notes Hardback with dust jacket

This volume is inserted by the publisher into a rigid cardboard box of 5 volumas "Natura Amica Rizzoli box":
- Il libro degli alberi e degli arbusti I
- Il libro egli alberi e degli arbusti II
- Il libro dei frutti selvatici
- Il libro delle erba
- Erbe e bellezza


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