Philip K. Dick


Main Details
Author Philip K. Dick
Copyright Holder Philip K. Dick
Translated by Galamb Zoltán
Copyright Holder (Translation) Galamb Zoltán
Translated by Gálvölgyi Judit
Copyright Holder (Translation) Gálvölgyi Judit
Translated by Pék Zoltán
Copyright Holder (Translation) Pék Zoltán
Translated by Szántai Zsolt
Copyright Holder (Translation) Szántai Zsolt
Translated by Szente Mihály
Copyright Holder (Translation) Szente Mihály
Imprint Agave
Publisher Agave Könyvek
Cover/Jacket Design by Faniszló Ádám
Book Design by Kuszkó Rajmund
Editor in Chief Velkei Zoltán
Editor Vas Annamária
Corrector Molnár Berta*
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-963-419-014-1
Barcode 444444471923212421444447
Format e-Book
Publication Location Hungary
Language Hungarian
Original Language English
Original Title Twelve Short Stories
Notes Minority Report, Copyright © 1956 (TBC)
Second Variety, Copyright © 1953 (TBC)
We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, Copyright © 1966 (TBC)
Faith of Our Fathers, Copyright © 1967 (TBC)
The Turning Wheel, Copyright © 1954 (TBC)
Adjustment Team, Copyright © 1954 (TBC)
A Game of Unchance, Copyright © 1964 (TBC)
Precious Artifact, Copyright © 1964 (TBC)
Prominent Author, Copyright © 1954 (TBC)
Preserving Machine, Copyright © 1953 (TBC)
Progeny, Copyright © 1954 (TBC)
Human Is, Copyright © 1955 (TBC)

Electronically published in epub and mobi formats with different ISBN identifiers. This is the mobi version.


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