Signals from the Unknown - Czech Comics 1922-2012

2012 (Cover Date)

Main Details
Review by Petr Bílek
Review by José Alaniz
Text by Lucie Česálková
Text by Martin Foret
Text by Ivan Hanousek
Text by Michal Jareš
Text by Pavel Kořínek
Text by Rostislav Matulík
Text by Tomáš Pospiszyl
Text by Tomáš Prokůpek
Text by Vit Schmarc
Translated by Robin Cassling
Translated by Branislava Kuburović
Translated by Magdalena Wells
Translated by Lawrence Wells
Translated by Vladimír Zavadil
Publisher Arbor Vitae
About/Subject Comics
Cover Date 2012
Identifying Codes
Barcode 9788074670138
Format Soft cover
Publication Location Czech Republic
Language English


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