Colors (2)

COLORS - Issue #2 - Immigration

(First Printing)

Main Details
Editorial Director Oliviero Toscani
Editor in Chief Tibor Kalman
Executive Editor Karrie Jacobs
Managing Editor Lucy Shulte
Photo/Picture Editor Alice Albert
Graphic Design Gary Koepke
Periodical Title Colors (2)
First Printing
Format Magazine
Languages English, Italian

A magazine about the rest of the world

Created by photographer Oliviero Toscani and art director Tibor Kalman in 1991 to show the world to the world. The message has remained the same: diversity is good.

Product Description:

Issue #2

A powerful news photograph of 4000 Albanians trying to board a freighter bound for Italy opens an issue about cultural transition through immigration. Inside are the stories of people who, like the Albanians, are changing the world by changing their homelands; personal profiles of immigrants, refugees and people such as mercenary soldiers and circus performers who, for professional reasons, have no homelands at all. This issue's theme of cultural transition through immigration is taken further in a music spread about mix-ups like Japanese Salsa, Maori reggae and French rap.


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