Sounds (2)

Sounds April 4/79

(This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Sounds (2)
Editor in Chief Jürgen Legath
Editor Teja Schwaner
Editor Jörg Gülden
Publisher Sounds Verlag GmbH, Hamburg
Printed by D + V Paul Dierichs KG & Co., Kassel
About/Subject The Clash
About/Subject Ian Matthews
About/Subject Cheap Trick
About/Subject Jeremy Steig
About/Subject Berlinale
About/Subject Düsseldorf
This Edition Published
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Other C 6858 E
Price DM 3,-
Price SF 3,30
Price ÖS 24
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany/Switzerland/Austria
Page Count 80 pages
Language German
Chapters Düsseldorf. Warum klingt es am Rhein so schön? Weil dort Kraftwerk und La Düsseldorf heute schon Musik des Jahres 2000 machen.


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