Pet Shop Boys. Literally. Issue 28, April 2005.

2005-04 (Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Literally
About/Subject Pet Shop Boys
Writer Chris Heath
Writer Pet Shop Boys
Designed by Jaqui Doyle
Production Director/Manager Laura Lee Davies
Photography Jason Bell
Photography Kai Bornhoft
Photography Chris Heath
Photography Kirby Koh
Photography Hayley Madden
Photography Rip
Copyright Holder Areagraph Ltd
Cover Date 2005-04
Copyright 2005
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 28
Format Magazine
Page Count / Font 32 pages
Language English
Chapters Pet Shop Boys Page 2
News Page 2
Battleship Potemkin Page 14
Barfly Page 24
Lyrics Page 30
Notes © Areagraph Ltd. 2005. This magazine is only available to members of the Pet Shop Boys Club and is not on general sale. It is published three times a year.


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