Herman Melville

Moby Dick

1972-08 (Reprinted)

Main Details
Author Herman Melville
Series Iridium
Publisher Editorial Kapelusz
Copyright Holder (This Edition) Editorial Kapelusz, S.A.
Copyright Holder Librairie Hachette
Illustrator Paul Durand
Translated by Berta de Tabbush
Adapted by Jean Muray
Printed by Talleres Gráficos Litodar
Reprinted 1972-08
First Printing in Country 1965
First Printing 1954
Format Hardback
Publication Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Page Count / Font 191 pages
Language Spanish
Original Language English
Original Title Moby Dick Or The White Whale
Chapters XVIIII
Notes Segunda Tirada de la Primera Edición.
Edición Condensada.


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