WOM Magazin Nr. 249 / Mai 2005

2005-04 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title WOM Magazin
Publisher Blond Media GmbH
Editor in Chief Sven Bergmann
Editorial Director Henning Pommée
Text Director Volker Marquardt
Art Director/Editor Kristian Kutschera
Editorial Board Sam Edgar Geller
Editorial Board Stefan Krulle
Editorial Board Nadine Lischick
Editorial Board René Springer
Photo/Picture Editor Beke Lamp
Graphics by Martin Athenstädt
Graphics by Stephanie Unruh
Printed by Evers Druck*
About/Subject The Dissociatives
About/Subject Patrice
About/Subject Sugarplum Fairy
About/Subject miLù
Contributing Writer Oliver Kube
About/Subject M.I.A.
Contributing Writer Sonja Müller
Contributing Writer Stéfan P. Dressel
About/Subject Van Morrison
About/Subject Les Babacools
About/Subject Robin Trower
About/Subject Melanie C
About/Subject Ben Folds
Contributing Writer Mark Behrendt
About/Subject Morcheeba
About/Subject Bosse
Contributing Writer Stefan Woldach
About/Subject Spoon
Contributing Writer Marcelo Millot
About/Subject Ghinzu
About/Subject Tweet
About/Subject Timid Tiger
About/Subject Glashaus
About/Subject Gorillaz
Contributing Writer Sven Bergmann
Interview with/Interviewee Juliette Lewis
About/Subject Hip Hop: Berlin
About/Subject Mick Hucknall
Interview with/Interviewee Hayden Christensen
This Edition Published 2005-04
Identifying Codes
Issue Number Nr. 249
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count / Font 58 pages
Language German


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