Astrid Lindgren

Háborús napló 1939-1945

2015 (First Published)

Main Details
Author Astrid Lindgren
First Published by Salikon Förlag
Copyright Holder (Text) Astrid Lindgren
Copyright Holder (Text) Saltkråkan AB
Reproduction Andrea Davis Kronlund
Copyright Holder Andrea Davis Kronlund
Copyright Holder Kungliga biblioteket
Cover/Jacket Design by Carl Åkesson
Cover photo Europress (2)
Translated by Holländer Judit
Foreword by Holländer Judit
Afterword by Karin Nyman
Copyright Holder (Translation) Holländer Judit
Imprint Móra
Imprint Móra Könyvkiadó
Copyright Holder (Translation) Móra Könyvkiadó
Publisher Móra Könyvkiadó Zrt.*
Managing Director Janikovszky János
Editor Dóka Péter
Editor Gönye László
Photo/Picture Editor Bublik Zita
Creator Farkas István
First Published 2015
Copyright 2017
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-963-415-785-4
Barcode 4444472016241822444447
Format e-Book
Publication Location Budapest
Page Count / Font
Language Hungarian
Original Language Swedish
Original Title Krigsdagböcker 1939-1945
Notes © Text: Astrid Lindgren/Saltkråkan AB 2015
© Reproduction of the diaries: Andrea Davis Kronlund,
Kungliga biblioteket, Stockholm
Hungarian translation © Holländer Judit, 2017
Hungarian edition © Móra Könyvkiadó, 2017

This is the epub format, available in mobi format with different ISBN as well.


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