Phil Gaimon

Draft Animals: Living the Pro Cycling Dream (Once In A While)

2017 (Copyright)

Main Details
Author Phil Gaimon
About/Subject Phil Gaimon
Publisher Penguin Books
Cover Artist Nayon Cho
Cover photo Casey B. Gibson
Copyright 2017
Printed 2018
Identifying Codes
ISBN 9780143131243
Library of Congress Classification Number 2017015784
Format Paperback
Page Count / Font 320 pages / Minion Pro
Language English
Chapters Introduction

Part 1: Life in the Post-Dopocalypse
Chapters 1-7

Part 2: We Can Do Better Than That
Chapters 8-35

Part 3: The Year When Everything Went Horribly Wrong
Chapters 36-53

Part 4: The Long List
Chapters 54-59

Notes Signed copy. Signature on blank 'publisher' page before title.


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