Gordon E. Carlson

Signal and Linear System Analysis with MATLAB (Second Edition)

1998 (Copyright)

Main Details
Author Gordon E. Carlson
Acquisitions Editor Charity Robey
Marketing Manager Harper Mooy
Production Director/Manager Charlotte Hyland
Text Design Kevin Murphy
Illustrator Sigmund Malinowski
Production Support Ingrao Associates
Cover Art by Robert Delaunay
Copyright Holder John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Copyright 1998
First Published 1998
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-471-12465-6
Library of Congress Classification Number TK5102.5.C313
Barcode 9 780471 124658 90000
Format Hardback
Page Count / Font 752 pages / Times Roman
Language English
Chapters Preface

Part I Fundamental Concepts
1 Signals and Systems
2 Signal and System Characteristics and Models

Part II Continuous-Time Signals and Systems
3 Time-Domain Representation of Continuous-Time Signals
4 Time-Domain Analysis of Continuous-Time Signals
5 Frequency-Domain Representation of Continuous-Time Signals
6 Frequency-Domain Analysis of Continuous-Time Systems
7 Analysis of Continuous-Time Systems Using the Laplace Transform
8 Continuous-Time Filters
9 Sampled Continuous-Time Signals

Part III Discrete-Time Signals and Systems
10 Time-Domain Representation of Discrete-Time Signals
11 Time-Domain Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems
12 Frequency-Domain Representation of Discrete-Time Signals
13 Frequency-Domain Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems
14 Analysis of Discrete-Time Systems Using the z-Transform
15 Discrete-Time System Realizations and Discrete-Time Filters
16 The Discrete Fourier Transform

A Sum of Periodic Signals
B Mathematical Tables
C Transform Tables


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