George Shortley, Dudley Williams

Elements of Physics (Fourth Edition)

1953 (Copyright)

Main Details
Author George Shortley
Author Dudley Williams
Copyright Holder Prentice-Hall Inc.
Copyright 1953
Copyright 1955
Copyright 1961
Copyright 1965
Identifying Codes
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 65-19190
Other 26840-C
Format Hardback
Page Count / Font 924 pages
Language English
Chapters Preface to the Fourth Edition
1 Physics

Part I Mechanics
2 Displacement
3 Kinematics of a Particle
4 Dynamics of a Particle
5 Systems of Forces; Friction
6 Work, Energy, and Power
7 Momentum, Relativistic Mechanics
8 Rotational Motion
9 Statics
10 Dynamical Systems
11 Elastic Properties of Solids and Liquids
12 Periodic Motion
13 Mechanics of Fluids

Part II Heat and Molecular Physics
14 Temperature; Thermal Expansion
15 Heat and Thermal Energy
16 Heat Transfer
17 Ideal Gases
18 Solids, Liquids, and Gases
19 Thermodynamics

Part III Wave Motion and Sound
20 Wave Motion
21 Sound

Part IV Light
22 The Wave Nature of Light
23 Reflection and Refraction
24 Mirrors and Lenses
25 Diffraction
26 Polarization
27 Quantum Properties and Radiation and Matter

Part V Electromagnetism
28 Electrostatics
29 Electrostatic Fields
30 Capacitance
31 Electric Currents
32 Direct Electric Currents
33 Electrochemistry; Thermoelectricity
34 Magnetic Forces
35 Magnetic Fields
36 Magnetic Properties of Matter
37 Electromagnetic Induction
38 Alternating Currents
39 Oscillating Circuits; Electromagnetic Waves
40 Nuclear Reactions; Elementary Particles



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