Multilingual Fairy Tale Collection 001

2009-01-19 (First Published)

Main Details
Publisher LibriVox
Coordination by/Coordinator Hokuspokus
Coordination by/Coordinator J. M. Smallheer
Publisher Series Multilingual Fairy Tale Collection
Contributing Writer Hans Christian Andersen
Contributing Writer Ansis Lerhis-Puškaitis
Contributing Writer Henry Beston
Contributing Writer Karl Alberti
Contributing Writer Emil Gârleanu
Contributing Writer Franz de Zeltner
Contributing Writer Charles Perrault
Contributing Writer Unknown
Contributing Writer Jules Chantepie
Contributing Writer Petre Ispirescu
Contributing Writer Ion Creangă
Contributing Writer Paul Arène
Contributing Writer Charles Nodier
Contributing Writer Chevalier de Mailly*
Contributing Writer Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Contributing Writer Gertrude Landa
Read by Hokuspokus
Read by Kristine Bekere
Read by Liv
Read by Alana Jordan
Read by Markus Wachenheim
Read by Veronica Tan
Read by Didier (2)
Read by Joseph Finkberg
Read by Ezwa
Read by Nicoleta Tipa
Read by Mihaela Filip
Read by Aldor
Read by David Lawrence (2)
First Published 2009-01-19
Format Audiobook
Page Count / Font
Languages Danish, English, French, German, Latvian, Romanian, Yiddish
Chapters 1 Das Feuerzeug – Hans Christian Andersen
Reader: Hokuspokus [de]

2 Tēva padoms – Ansis Lerhis-Puškaitis
Reader: Kristine Bekere [lv]

3 Trīs meldera meitas – Ansis Lerhis-Puškaitis
Reader: Kristine Bekere [lv]

4 Nattergalen - Hans Christian Andersen
Reader: Liv [da]

5 Prince Sneeze – Henry Beston
Reader: Alana Jordan [en]

6 List geht über Gewalt (aus: Japanische Märchen) – Karl Alberti
Reader: Markus Wachenheim [de]

7 Gândăcelul – Emil Gârleanu
Reader: Veronica Tan [ro]

8 La cuisse de poulet – Franz de Zeltner
Reader: Didier [fr]

9 Der gestiefelte Kater – Charles Perrault
Reader: Hokuspokus [de]

10 Der Farshteysener Bruder – Unknown
Reader: Joseph Finkberg [yi]

11 Dianora – Jules Chantepie
Reader: Ezwa [fr]

12 Fata moşului cea cu minte – Petre Ispirescu
Reader: Nicoleta Tipa [ro]

13 Ursul păcălit de vulpe – Ion Creangă
Reader: Mihaela Filip [ro]

14 Les clous d'or – Paul Arène
Reader: Didier [fr]

15 Le génie Bonhomme – Charles Nodier
Reader: Ezwa [fr]

16 Le ver luisant – Charles Nodier
Reader: Ezwa [fr]

17 Blanche Belle – Chevalier de Mailly
Reader: Aldor [fr]

18 La Reine Fantasque – Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Reader: Aldor [fr]

19 The Sleep of One Hundred Years – Gertrude Landa
Reader: David Lawrence [en]

20 Little Red Riding Hood – Unknown
Reader: Ezwa [en]
Notes Running Time: 4:18:53


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