Zillo Special 02/05

2005 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Zillo
Publisher Zillo MusicMedia Verlag GmbH
Managing Director Jörg Grieger
Editor in Chief Dominik Winter
Online/Web Editor/Coordinator Dirk Hoffmann
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Ant-Work
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Brigitta Settels
Printed by Frank Druck GmbH & Co. KG
Distributed by/Director of Distribution IPV Inland Presse Vertrieb
About/Subject Apoptygma Berzerk
Contributing Writer Dirk Hoffmann
About/Subject Subway To Sally
Contributing Writer Michael Bodenski
About/Subject Dir En Grey
Contributing Writer Marty Kasprzak
Interview with/Interviewee Bogdan Kopec
Contributing Writer Elmar Klemm
About/Subject Unter Null
Interview with/Interviewee Miguel And The Living Dead
Interview by/Interviewer Meike Spanner
Interview with/Interviewee Psycho Luna
Interview by/Interviewer Peter Heymann
About/Subject Madre Del Vizio
Contributing Writer Karin Hoog
About/Subject Radio Goethe
Interview with/Interviewee System Syn
Interview by/Interviewer Jan Deckard
About/Subject Ram-Zet
Contributing Writer Zorro Zabel
About/Subject Land of the Dead
About/Subject Rotersand
Contributing Photographer Claudia Schöne
About/Subject Antimatter
Contributing Writer Sascha Blach
About/Subject Iris (Band)
Contributing Writer Marc Urban
About/Subject Chiasm
About/Subject In Flames
Contributing Photographer Patric Ullaeus
Interview with/Interviewee Elusive
Interview with/Interviewee The Machine In The Garden
About/Subject The Dreamside
Interview with/Interviewee Kagerou
About/Subject Dekad
Contributing Writer Steve Palaser
About/Subject Lumsk
Contributing Writer Emma Perez
About/Subject Nocte Obducta
About/Subject Shadowhouse
About/Subject Ayria
Interview with/Interviewee Schandmaul
Contributing Writer Peter "Pöda" Sailer*
Copyright Holder (Photos) Monaco GbR
About/Subject Blind Passengers
About/Subject Xandria
About/Subject Jabberwock
Copyright Holder (Photos) Christophe McPherson
About/Subject Lacasa Del Cid
About/Subject Corvus Corax
This Edition Published 2005
Identifying Codes
Barcode 4 19651510795 5
EAN 2 01
Price € 7,95 (D)
Price € 9,00 (A)
Price SFR 15,50 (CH)
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Page Count / Font 132 pages
Language German
Notes + DVD mit den Ausgaben von 1989 bis 2005.


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