Visions Nr. 66 (Mai 1998)

1998-04 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Visions (Magazine)
Publisher Visions Verlag und Werbeagentur
Publishing Director Michael Lohrmann
Editor in Chief Dirk Siepe
Editorial Assistant Wolfgang Hartmann
Editorial Board Michael Lohrmann
Editorial Board Ingo Neumayer
Editorial Board Falk Albrecht
Editorial Board Alex Brandt*
Photo/Picture Editor Thorsten Zahn
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Hartmann+Neugebauer
Printed by Oberndorfer Druckerei, Österreich
Distributed by/Director of Distribution IPV (2)
Lithographed by Neugebauer Repress-Service
About/Subject Monster Magnet
About/Subject Fischmob
About/Subject Soulfly
Contributing Writer Martin Iordanidis
About/Subject The Notwist
Contributing Writer Carsten La Tendresse
About/Subject More Rockers
Contributing Writer Sascha Krüger
About/Subject Spacehog
Contributing Writer Ralph Buchbender
About/Subject Come
Contributing Writer Stefan Merx
About/Subject Trans Am
Contributing Writer Wolf Kampmann
About/Subject Gorefest
Contributing Writer Kai Winn
About/Subject Beatsteaks
About/Subject Dreadful Shadows
Contributing Writer Gregor Friedel
About/Subject Plastik
About/Subject Solex
About/Subject Twenty Ton Fly*
About/Subject Sonic Youth
About/Subject Scott Weiland
Contributing Writer Maik Koltermann
Contributing Photographer Rolf Brenner
About/Subject Senser
About/Subject Soundgarden
About/Subject Ska
About/Subject Fünf Sterne Deluxe
Contributing Writer Björn Ludendorff
About/Subject Asian Dub Foundation
Contributing Writer Martin Büsser
About/Subject Laberinto
Interview with/Interviewee Headcrash
About/Subject The New Bomb Turks
Contributing Writer Andreas Kohl
About/Subject Stuck Mojo
Contributing Writer Petra Engelke
About/Subject Cappadonna
Abridged by Delinquent Habits
About/Subject Freaky Fukin Weirdoz
Contributing Writer Thomas Baumann
About/Subject Royal Trux
About/Subject Tori Amos
Interview with/Interviewee Helge Schneider
About/Subject Stereo Total
About/Subject Massive Attack
About/Subject Tortoise
Contributing Writer Oliver Cremer
Interview with/Interviewee Frank Black And The Catholics*
Interview with/Interviewee Motorpsycho
Interview by/Interviewer Patrick Großmann
This Edition Published 1998-04
Identifying Codes
Barcode 4 391258 105804
Price 5.80 DM
EAN 2 05
Issue Number 66
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count / Font 170 pages
Language German


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