Bata László, Vaczulin György

CHIP 1996. augusztus

1996-07-25 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title CHIP Hungary
General Editor Ivanov Péter
Assistant Editor Bérces László
Editor Bata László
Editor Vaczulin György
Typeset by Nagy Gyula
Corrector Kis Endre
Publisher Vogel Publishing Kft.
Printing/Publishing Director Ivanov Péter
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Magyar Posta Rt.*
Printed by Veszprémi Nyomda RT.*
Copyright Holder Vogel Verlag und Druck GmbH & Co. KG*
Copyright Holder Vogel Publishing Kft.
About/Subject Personal Computer
About/Subject Microsoft Windows 95
Cover Date 1996-08
This Edition Published 1996-07-25
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 8
Volume Number VIII
ISSN 0864-9421
Price 448 Ft
Format Magazine
Publication Location Budapest
Page Count / Font 82 pages
Language Hungarian
Notes © Copyright "CHIP" Vogel Publishing Kft., Budapest, Magyarország.

Issued with CD-ROM (only for subscribers).


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