A Guide To Dinosaurs

2002 (Copyright)

Main Details
Consulting Editor Michael K. Brett-Surman
Contributing Writer Christopher A. Brochu
Contributing Writer John Long (2)
Contributing Writer John D. Scanlon
Contributing Writer Paul Willis (2)
First Published by Fog City Press
Copyright Holder Weldon Owen Inc.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) John Owen
President Terry Newell
Publisher Lynn Humphries
Managing Editor Janine Flew
Art Director/Editor Kylie Mulquin
Editorial Coordination Tracey Gibson
Editorial Assistant KirenThandi
Production Coordinator James Blackman
Project Editor/Coordinator/Director Robert Coupe
Production Caroline Webber
Manager Emily Jahn
Other Stuart Laurence
Other Vanessa Mori
Art Director/Editor Sue Burk
Designed by Lena Lowe
Researcher Annette Crueger
Producer Weldon Owen Inc.
Color Reproduction Colourscan
Printed by Kyodo Printing Co (S'pore) Pte Ltd
Copyright 2002
Copyright 2000
Identifying Codes
ISBN 1 876778 63 6
Format Hardback
Publication Location San Francisco, California, U. S. A.
Page Count / Font 256 pages
Language English
Original Language English
Original Title A Guide To Dinosaurs
Chapters Six
Notes Printed in Singapore.


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