Tempestas de memoriae ruinis

1997 (Printed)

Main Details
Curated by Maurizio Calvesi
Text by Maurizio Calvesi
Text by Claudio Strinati
Text by Lorella Scacco
Photography Viterbo Rossi
Photography Antonio Pagano
Photography Rolando Baraghini
Photography Mauro Domenichini
Introduction by Caterina Profili
Publisher Romberg Edizioni
Printed by Grafiche Morandi Fusignano
About/Subject Massimo Pulini
Printed 1997
Format Paperback
Publication Location Italy
Page Count / Font 132 pages
Language Italian
Notes Origin of the exhibition catalog Museo Nazionale di Villa Adriana - Rome May 09 - 0 June - 1997. Saline Royale - Arc-Et-Senans - October 09 - November 30 - 1997


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