A második világháború története

2019 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
First Published by Future Publishing Limited*
Publisher Ringier Axel Springer Magyarország Kft.
Printing/Publishing Director Dr. Bayer József
General Editor Koszó-Stammberger Kinga
Translated by R. Kovács Anna
Revised by Dr. Nyáry Gábor
Production Editor Képe Judit
Printed by Ipress Center Central Europe Zrt.
Printing/Publishing Director Borbás Gábor
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Lapker Zrt.*
About/Subject Benito Mussolini
About/Subject Adolf Hitler
About/Subject Joseph Stalin
About/Subject Enigma Machine
About/Subject Winston Churchill
About/Subject Franklin D. Roosevelt
About/Subject Cold War
About/Subject World War II
This Edition Published 2019
Printed 2019
Identifying Codes
ISSN 2631-0201
ISBN 978-963-9631-41-0
Other 179502
Barcode 9 772631 020009 19001
Barcode 9 789639 631410
Price 1990 FT
Format Magazine
Publication Location Budapest
Page Count / Font 159 pages
Language Hungarian
Notes Subtitle: Események, emberek és helyek, amelyek alakították a háborút.

Magyar nyelvű kiadás.


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