Dare To Be Stupid: The Poster Art of Ryan Duggan/Drug Factory Press

2015-05 (First Printing)

Main Details
Artist Ryan Duggan
Publisher Hozac Books
Preprint Brett Cross
First Printing 2015-05
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-0-9963319-0-6
Catalog Number HZB-002
Format Paperback
Publication Location Chicago IL
Page Count / Font 120 pages
Language English
Notes First Edition of 300
Dare To Be Stupid is the long-awaited and first-ever collection of Ryan Duggan at Drug Factory Press’ poster art from 2006-2014. Duggan uses a style that creates an instant reaction, whether it be disgust, elation, or a little of both, each and every design he’s cranked out is instantly identifiable and locks into a good place in your mind, even before you can process the “garbage-in, garbage-out” aesthetic that so warmly graces his creative work. As an artist employed by several music venues across the Chicagoland area, as well as having his designs featured at Michelin Star-rated restaurant/inn Longman & Eagle, Duggan’s work is ripe with snark, presented in a rudimentary starkness and ambiguity so effortless, it’s become an institution in a short amount of time, and we couldn’t be more excited to get his first book out into the world, and most importantly, into your hands.


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