Intro 140 Juli 2006

2006-06 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Intro (Magazine)
Publisher Intro GmbH & Co. KG
Editorial Director Matthias Hörstmann
Editor in Chief Thomas Venker
Art Director/Editor Holger Risse
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Jörn Osenberg
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Lisa Klinkenberg
Online/Web Editor/Coordinator Heiko Behr
Editorial Board Sonja Eismann
Editorial Board Susanne Pospischil
Editorial Board Felix Scharlau
Editorial Board Linus Volkmann
Copy Editor Kristina Engel
Printed by Konradin Druck GmbH
About/Subject Iggy Pop
Contributing Writer Jonathan Shaw (2)
Contributing Photographer Matthias David
About/Subject Slut
Contributing Writer Matthias Weber
Contributing Photographer Rene Arbeithuber
Interview with/Interviewee Woog Riots
About/Subject TGV
About/Subject Vito
Contributing Writer Christian Steinbrink
About/Subject My Robot Friend
Contributing Writer Jan Kedves
About/Subject My Little Airport
About/Subject De Rosa
About/Subject Thomas Schumacher (2)
Contributing Writer Christoph Büscher
About/Subject Travis Blaque
Contributing Writer Heiko Behr
About/Subject Mobilé
Interview with/Interviewee The Rifles
Interview by/Interviewer Sandra Grether
Contributing Photographer Ela Mergels
About/Subject Muse
Contributing Writer Claudia Rorarius
Contributing Photographer Claudia Rorarius
About/Subject Niobe
Contributing Photographer Nadine Preiß
About/Subject Joan As Police Woman
Contributing Writer Henrik Drüner
Contributing Photographer Katja Ruge
About/Subject Sensational
About/Subject Kouhei Matsunaga
Contributing Photographer Jonathan Forsythe
Interview with/Interviewee Nelly Furtado
Contributing Photographer Sandra Stein
Contributing Photographer Sebastian Mayer
About/Subject TV On The Radio
Contributing Writer Severin Most
About/Subject Thom Yorke
Contributing Writer Martin Büsser
About/Subject ESG
Contributing Photographer Edzard Piltz
Interview with/Interviewee Peaches
About/Subject Razorlight
Interview with/Interviewee Jasmin Wagner
About/Subject Kee Club, Hong Kong
About/Subject Grbavica (Film)
Contributing Writer Markus Keuschnigg
About/Subject Lucy (2006 film)
About/Subject Jutta Koether
Contributing Writer Barbara J. Scheuermann
About/Subject Volker Weidermann
About/Subject Guitar Hero
Contributing Writer Gregor Wildermann
About/Subject Motorpsycho
This Edition Published 2006-06
Identifying Codes
Volume Number 140
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count / Font 130 pages
Language German


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