Guitar One (July 2005)

2005-07 (Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Guitar One
Editorial Director Brad Tolinski
Editor in Chief Troy Nelson
Managing Editor Michael Mueller
Senior Editor/Director Chris O'Byrne
Senior Editor/Director Adam Perlmutter
Associate Editor Dale Turner
Associate Editor Douglas Baldwin
Associate Editor Tom Kolb
Associate Editor Michael Ross
Contributing Editor Sean McDevitt
Media Editor Peter Heatley
Contributing Writer Jordan Baker
Contributing Writer Steve Baltin
Contributing Writer Stephen Baniak
Contributing Writer Lorne Behrman
Contributing Writer Michael Butzen
Contributing Writer Robert Cherry
Contributing Writer Rusty Cutchin
Contributing Writer Emilio Gonzalez
Contributing Writer Klokie Grossfeld
Contributing Writer Bob Gulla
Contributing Writer Bob Keelaghan
Contributing Writer Ken Micallef
Contributing Writer Katherine Turman
Contributing Writer Christian Wissmuller
Music Editor Wojciech Rynczak
Music Editor Krystyna Rynczak
Director of Design Andy Omel
Art Director/Editor Adam Logan Fulrath
Designed by Josh Bernstein
Designed by Scott Brandsgaard
Photo Editing Jimmy Hubbard
Publisher Greg Di Benedetto
Production Director/Manager Richie Lesovoy
Production Coordinator Janene Fudzinski
Publisher Future Publishing
Publisher Future US, Inc.
About/Subject Alter Bridge
About/Subject Montgomery Gentry
About/Subject Creedence Clearwater Revival
About/Subject Django Reinhardt
About/Subject Judas Priest
About/Subject AC/DC
Cover Date 2005-07
Identifying Codes
Barcode 0 71486 02142 1
EAN 2 07>
Price $4.99US
Price $6.99CAN
Volume Number 8
Issue Number 7
Format Magazine
Publication Location USA
Page Count / Font 152 pages
Language English


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