Duncan Dick, Harrison Williams

Mixmag (Jeff Mills) n. 334 - March 2019

2019-03 (Cover Date)

Main Details
About/Subject Jeff Mills
Periodical Title Mixmag
Editor Duncan Dick
Deputy Editor Sean Griffiths
Production Editor Melissa Harrison
Editor-At-Large Ralph Moore
Section Editor Phil Dudman
Staff Writer Jasmine Kent-Smith
Sub-Editor Sophie Harris
Section Editor Martyn Henderson
Section Editor Yam Who!*
Section Editor Andrew Rafter
Section Editor Christina Hernandez
Section Editor Tomas Fraser
Section Editor Jasmine Kent-Smith
Section Editor Marcus Barnes
Section Editor Andy Whitby
Section Editor Ewen Cook
Section Editor Chantelle Fiddy
Section Editor Cam Mussell
Art Director/Editor Hayden Russell
Senior Designer Vassilis Skandalis
Photo Editing Joe Plimmer
Designed by Lawrence Abbott (2)
Section Editor Riya Hollings
Section Editor Lewis Munro
Digital Manager Seb Wheeler
Section Editor David Turner
Staff Writer Patrick Hinton
Video Production Manager Digby
Producer Callum Reece
Media Development Manager Tillie Wood-Wilson*
Presenter Jaguar Bingham
Digital Production Louis Anderson-Rich
Digital Production Sherelle Thomas
Sales Manager Owain Harries
Sales Manager Katie Scrafton
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jerry Perkins
Managing Director Nick Stevenson
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Juliet Cromwell
Business Director Juliette Roques
Financial Director David Joseph
Chairman of the Board Ian Flooks
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Seymour
Printed by Wyndeham Group
Publisher Wasted Talent Ltd
Contributor Yewande Adeniran
Contributor Atli Thor Alfredsson
Contributor Themis Belkadra
Contributor Josh Baines
Contributor James Ball
Contributor Jesse Bernard
Contributor Bill Brewster
Contributor Rachel Bungey
Contributor Kristan J Caryl
Contributor Leah Connolly
Contributor Khris Cowley
Contributor Luke Curtis
Contributor Mari-Charlotte Dapoigny
Contributor Sam Davies
Contributor James Dewar
Contributor Steve Gullick
Contributor Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
Contributor Thomas H. Green
Contributor Vicky Grout
Contributor Jody Hartley
Contributor Gavin Herlihy
Contributor Netti Hurley
Contributor Kate Hutchinson
Contributor Dave Jenkins (2)
Contributor Ben Jolley
Contributor Jun Kamoda
Contributor Andrew Kemp (2)
Contributor Michael Lawson
Contributor Johnny Lee
Contributor Riccardo Malberti
Contributor Michaelangelo Matos
Contributor Dan Medhurst
Contributor Sofie Mkihaylova
Contributor Isobel Moloney
Contributor Joe Muggs
Contributor Perou
Contributor David Pollock
Contributor Nina Posner
Contributor Anette Pruszynska
Contributor Joe Roberts (2)
Contributor Zachary Schlein
Contributor John Thorpe
Contributor Wolfgang Tillmans
Contributor Stephen Worthy
Contributor Kasia Zacharko
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rebecca Jolly
Editorial Director Nick DeCosemo
Operations Manager Danielle Senior
Section Editor Valerie Lee
Editor Harrison Williams
Senior Designer Jonathan Amaya
Manager Zach Becks
Corporate Editor Jeremy Abbott
Manager Sydney Jow
Production Assistant Thomas Glucksman
Editorial Intern Cameron Holbrook
Video Production Manager Rory Higginson
Intern Callum McLaren
Director Chris Johns (2)
Executive Producer Tijn Van De Wiel
Business Director Carre Orenstein
Manager Yasemin Kosereisoglu
Copyright Holder Wasted Talent Ltd
Cover photo Alexa Merico
Other John Olive
Production Assistant Nell Chirinos
Styling Yaya Ni
Other Jenny Dyson
Cover Date 2019-03
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 334
Barcode 9 770957 662156
EAN 2 03>
Price £4.95
Format Magazine
Publication Location London, UK
Page Count / Font 114 pages
Language English
Chapters Front

Time + place
Big tunes
New artists
Scene / clubs
Scene / live
Scene / festivals
Snowbombing memories
The life


Leading us into the future: how Jeff Mills transcended dance music.


House / disco
Electro / trance
Dubstep / grime
Bass / club music
Techno / hard dance
Drum 'n' bass
Urban / breaks
Label focus
DJ history
Industry insider
This must be the place
Notes Live Editor: Phil Dudman
House Editor: Martyn Henderson
Disco Editor: Yam Who!
Electro Editor: Andrew Rafter
Trance Editor: Christina Hernandez
Dubstep & Grime Editor: Tomas Fraser
Bass Editor: Jasmine Kent-Smith
Techno Editor: Marcus Barnes
Hard Dance Editor: Andy Whitby
Drum 'n' Bass Editor: Ewen Cook
Urban Editor: Chantelle Fiddy
Breaks Editor: Cam Mussell

Creative Designer: Lawrence Abbott
Fashion Editor: Riya Hollings
Digital Fashion Editor: Lewis Munro

Digital News Editor: David Turner
Digital Staff Writer: Patrick Hinton
Head of Production, Mixmag TV: Digby
Channel Producer, Mixmag TV: Callum Reece
Channel Manager, Mixmag TV: Tillie Wood-Wilson
Mixmag TV Presenter: Jaguar Bingham

Advertising Sales Manager: Owain Harries
Digital Sales Manager: Katie Scrafton

Business Development Manager: Juliette Roques

CEO Mixmag US: Rebecca Jolly
Global Editorial Director: Nick DeCosemo
Group Director, Operations: Danielle Senior

Global Culture Editor: Valerie Lee
Head of Labs & Streaming: Zach Becks
Global Brand & Content Editor: Jeremy Abbott
Global Social Manager: Sydney Jow
Junior Producer: Thomas Glucksman
Junior Editor: Cameron Holbrook
Video Producer: Rory Higginson
Production Intern: Callum McLaren

Strategy Director: Chris Johns
Senior Producer: Tijn Van De Wiel
Business Development & Partnership Manager: Carre Orenstein

Lighting Assistant: John Olive
Production Assistant: Nell Chirinos
Grooming: Jenny Dyson
Partnership Manager: Yasemin Kosereisoglu


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