Paul Anderson

Dead Straight Pocket Guide To Mod

(First Paperback Printing)

Main Details
Author Paul Anderson
About/Subject Mods
First Paperback Printing
Identifying Codes
ISBN 13 9781911346661
Format Paperback
Publication Location England
Page Count 190 pages
Language English
Notes Mod has its roots in in London with a group of young men in the late Fifties who were known as modernists because they listened to modern jazz. A Pocket Guide to Mod covers fashion including the use of the Union Flag and RAF roundel; music including bands such as The Who, Small Faces and Yardbirds who were associated with the music and locations such as The Eel Pie Island Hotel at Twickenham near London; amphetamines, the mod drug of choice that fuelled marathon all-night dancing; and scooters including Vespas and Lambrettas often highly customised.


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