Herbert van Thal

The Fourth Pan Book of Horror Stories

1963 (First Published)

Main Details
Imprint Pan Books
Publisher Series Pan Book of Horror Stories
Editor Herbert van Thal
Selected by Herbert van Thal
Publisher Pan Books Ltd
Printed and Bound by Hazell Watson & Viney Ltd
Contributing Writer William Sansom
Contributing Writer M. S. Waddell*
Contributing Writer Ray Bradbury
Contributing Writer Robert Bloch
Contributing Writer Richard Davis (4)
Contributing Writer Vivian Meik
Contributing Writer Alexander Woollcott
Contributing Writer Septimus Dale
Contributing Writer Rosemary Timperley
Contributing Writer Ray Russell
Contributing Writer Robert Aickman
Contributing Writer Hugh Reid
Contributing Writer Joseph Payne Brennan
Contributing Writer Adobe James
Contributing Writer Davis Grubb
Contributing Writer Alex Hamilton
Contributing Writer Elliott O'Donnell
Contributing Writer Sir Frederick Treves
First Published 1963
Reprinted 1964
Reprinted 1965
Reprinted 1966
Reprinted 1967
Reprinted 1969
Identifying Codes
SBN 330 10261 3
Product Code M
Price U.K. (Net) 5/-
Price Australia 80c
Price New Zealand 75c
Price South Africa 60c
Price Canada $1.25
Format Mass-Market Paperback
Publication Location London
Page Count 270 pages
Language English
Chapters Various Temptations, William Sansom
The Pale Boy, M. S. Waddell
The Emissary, Ray Bradbury
Lucy Comes to Stay, Robert Bloch
Guy Fawkes Night, Richard Davis
The Two Old Women, Vivian Meik
Moonlight Sonata, Alexander Woollcott
The Little Girl Eater, Septimus Dale
Harry, Rosemary Timperley
Sardonicus, Ray Russell
Ringing The Changes, Robert Aickman
Dulcie, Hugh Reid
The Importance of Remaining Ernest, M. S. Waddell
Slime, Joseph Payne Brennan
The Ohio Love Sculpture, Adobe James
The Horsehair Trunk, Davis Grubb
The Attic Express, Alex Hamilton
The Haunted Telephone, Elliott O'Donnell
The Elephant Man, Sir Frederick Treves
Notes 6th Printing 1969.


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