Bob Coulter

Crazy Babe

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Author Bob Coulter
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ISBN 13 978-3936709049
Format Hardback
Page Count 368 pages
Language English
Original Language English
Notes I’m not even a photographer!"" Bob Coulter likes to say.
Bob first established his cultural immortality with the release of a self titled record album, ""Bob Coulter"" in 1980 on the Red Records label. Shortly thereafter he began recording music, producing such rap luminaries as ""De La Sol,"" ""Stetsasonic,"" as well as ""Red Hot Chili Peppers,"" ""B52s,"" ""Keith Richards,"" ""Richard Hell"", etc. As the music industry became more racial and violent and as his interests changed, Bob made a professional shift to computers and technology in the early 1990’s. Enamored by the then nascent internet, and eager to make piles of money on his cache of pornography, Bob registered the domain Needing to fill the site with original content, and not liking much that was out there, Bob picked up a Nikon Cool Pics 990 and started taking pictures. Whether Bob’s photography can be called ""art,"" or something irredeemably salacious is in the eye of the beholder. Likewise, whether or not you want to call Bob Coulter a photographer is up to you. In any case, I can promise you, he doesn’t much care about the labels, he just loves taking pictures.


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