Carolly Erickson

Royal Panoply: Brief Lives of the English Monarchs

2006-05 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Author Carolly Erickson
Cover/Jacket Design by Cara E. Petrus
Distributed by/Director of Distribution H. B. Fenn And Company, Ltd.
First Published by History Book Club
Publisher St. Martin's Press
About/Subject British Monarchy
This Edition Published 2006-05
Copyright 2003
Identifying Codes
Price $27.95
Price $37.95 CAN
ISBN 0-312-31643-7
Barcode 9780312316433
EAN 5 52795>
Printer's Key 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 2006040544
Format Hardback
Publication Location USA
Page Count 351 pages
Language English
Notes First St. Martin's Press Edition: May 2006

First published, in somewhat different form, by History Book Club, New York.


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