Robin Jarvis

The Oaken Throne

1993-09-30 (First Printing)

Main Details
Author Robin Jarvis
Illustrator Robin Jarvis
Publisher Simon & Schuster Young Books
Typeset by Derek Doyle & Associates
Printed and Bound by The Guernsey Press Co. Ltd.
First Printing 1993-09-30
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-7500-1392-3
Barcode 9 780750 013925
Price £9.99
Format Hardback
Publication Location United Kingdom
Page Count 412 pages
Language English
Chapters PROLOGUE: Vespertilio
ONE: Blood on the Oak
TWO: Aldertide
THREE: Farewell to the Hazel
FOUR: Through Gorse and Bramble
FIVE: Elderfire
SIX: Out of the Misty Hawthorn
SEVEN: In the Orchard of Duir
EIGHT: The Time of the Rowan
NINE: By the Mournful Willows
TEN: From the Shade of the Beeches
ELEVEN: The Furze Cat
TWELVE: Within the Ruis Chest
THIRTEEN: At the King of Trees
FOURTEEN: The Fall of the Oak
EPILOGUE: Ysabelle


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