Musikexpress Nr. 649 / Februar 2010

2010-01 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Musikexpress
Publisher Axel Springer Mediahouse München GmbH
Editor in Chief Albert Koch
Art Director/Editor Michael Gollong
Photo/Picture Editor Annemarie Schmitz
Printed by Oberndorfer Druckerei GmbH
Editorial Board Oliver Götz
Editorial Board Michael Sailer
Editorial Board Josef Winkler
Editorial Board Stephan Rehm
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Martin Reznicek
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Stephanie Karcher
Interview with/Interviewee DJ Phono
Interview by/Interviewer Simone Deckner
About/Subject Scout Niblett
Contributing Writer Frank Sawatzki
About/Subject Final Fantasy (Musician)
Contributing Writer Hanspeter Künzler
Interview with/Interviewee Gerard Way
Interview by/Interviewer Marcel Anders
Interview with/Interviewee Black Francis
About/Subject Yeasayer
Contributing Writer Stephanie Grimm
About/Subject Tegan and Sara
About/Subject Lightspeed Champion
Contributing Writer John Wohlmacher
Interview with/Interviewee Eddie Argos
Interview with/Interviewee Maxïmo Park
About/Subject Delphic
Contributing Writer Jochen Overbeck
About/Subject Local Natives
About/Subject Tubelord
About/Subject Band Of Skulls
About/Subject Phoenix (French band)
Contributing Writer Christian Lehner
Contributing Photographer Martin Fuchs
About/Subject John Darnielle
Contributing Writer Matthias Scherer
Interview with/Interviewee Tocotronic
Contributing Photographer Mirjam Wählen
Interview by/Interviewer Florian Fricke (Journalist)
Interview by/Interviewer Arno Frank
About/Subject Neen Art
About/Subject Midlake
Contributing Writer Thomas Winkler
About/Subject Get Well Soon
Contributing Photographer Jens Oellermann
About/Subject Os Mutantes
Contributing Writer Jonathan Fischer
Contributing Writer Anne Buchholz
About/Subject The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Interview with/Interviewee Stephin Merritt
This Edition Published 2010-01
Identifying Codes
Barcode 4 190910 106902 02
Price D: 6,90 Euro
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count / Font 106 pages
Language German
Notes Plus: Exklusiver Nachdruck der ersten Musikexpressausgabe von 1969.


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