Betty Edwards

Jobb agyféltekés rajzolás

2009 (This Impression)

Main Details
Author Betty Edwards
Copyright Holder Betty Edwards
Translated by Kovács Gergely Károly
First Published by Jeremy P. Tarcher
First Published by Putnam
Imprint Bioenergetic Kiadó
Copyright Holder Bioenergetic Kft.
Publisher Bioenergetic Kft.
Printing/Publishing Director Schneider Gábor
Cover Art by Betty Edwards
Printed by Reálszisztéma Dabasi Nyomda Zrt.*
Printing/Publishing Director Vágó Magdolna
This Impression 2009
Copyright 1979
Copyright 1989
Copyright 1999
Copyright 2008
Identifying Codes
ISBN 978-963-965-246-0
Barcode 9 789639 652460
Price 3500 Ft
Format Hardback
Publication Location Budapest
Page Count 276 pages
Language Hungarian
Original Language English
Original Title The new Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain


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