C. A. Breuer*

Weltkunst 50. Jahrgang - Nummer 18 / 15. September 1980

1980-09-15 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Weltkunst
Editor C. A. Breuer*
Cover Artist Jan van Kessel the Elder
Publisher Kunst und Technik Verlags-GmbH
Publishing Director C. A. Breuer*
Publishing Director Dr. Richard Breuer*
About/Subject Franz Marc
Contributing Writer Dr. Matthias Arnold*
Contributing Writer Dr. Graham Dry*
About/Subject Augsburg
Contributing Writer Prof. Dr. Werner Hegemann*
About/Subject Giorgio Morandi
Contributing Writer Yvonne Friedrichs
Contributing Writer Prof. Dr. Gerd Presler*
About/Subject Tutilo Karcher
Contributing Writer Reinhard Müller-Mehlis
About/Subject Kurt Regschek
Contributing Writer Jürgen Weichardt
About/Subject Hannah Höch
Contributing Writer Franz Wagner
About/Subject Hand Fans
About/Subject Salzburg Museum
Contributing Writer Elke Lehmann-Brauns
About/Subject Calouste Gulbenkian Museum
About/Subject Leo Putz
Contributing Writer Dr. Wolfgang Sauré*
Contributing Writer Ruth Berges
About/Subject Palace of Versailles
About/Subject Marie Antoinette
About/Subject Faience
This Edition Published 1980-09-15
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 50. Jahrgang - Nummer 18
Price DM 9.-
Format Magazine
Publication Location Germany
Page Count / Font 2382-2532 pages
Language German


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