Mahmud Baryanlai, Леонид Курьянович Миронов

Afghanistan Today

1981 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Compiled by Haydar Masud
Compiled by Андрей Николаевич Сахаров
Author Mahmud Baryanlai
Author Леонид Курьянович Миронов
Publisher Planeta Publishers
Publisher Beikhaki Publishers, Kabul
Publisher Arnold-Heinemann Publishers (India) Private Limited
Series Countries Of The World
Translated by Наталья Шевырина
About/Subject Afghanistan
Prologue by Babrak Karmal
This Edition Published 1981
Identifying Codes
Other A 4911200000-364 КБ-24
Format Hardback
Publication Location Afghanistan, USSR, India
Page Count 239 pages
Language English
Original Language Russian


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