The Book of Irish Weirdness: A Treasury of Classic Tales of the Supernatural, Spooky and Strange

1995 (Copyright)

Main Details
Publisher Quality Paperback Book Club
Copyright Holder Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.*
Copyright Holder (This Edition) Book-of-the-Month Club, Inc.
Cover/Jacket Design by Monica Elias
Cover Art by Philippe Lechion
Contributing Writer Charlotte Riddell*
Contributing Writer Douglas Hyde
Contributing Writer Bram Stoker
Contributing Writer D. R. McAnally, Jr.
Contributing Writer Letitia Maclintock
Contributing Writer Gerald Griffin
Contributing Writer Traditional: Irish
Contributing Writer Daniel Corkery
Contributing Writer Herminie Kavanagh
Contributing Writer James Stephens
Contributing Writer Oscar Wilde
Contributing Writer Thomas Crofton Croker*
Contributing Writer Francis Marion Crawford*
Contributing Writer Jeremiah Curtin
Contributing Writer Patrick Kennedy
Contributing Writer Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
Contributing Writer W. B. Yeats*
Contributing Writer A. E. Coppard
Contributing Writer George Moore
Contributing Writer William Carleton
Contributing Writer Joseph Jacobs
About/Subject Supernatural Fiction
About/Subject Folklore: Irish
Copyright 1995
Copyright 1994
Format Paperback
Publication Location New York
Page Count 484 pages
Language English
Chapters Hertford O'Donnell's Warning, by Charlotte Riddell
Teig O'Kane and the Corpse, by Douglas Hyde
The Judge's House, by Bram Stoker
About the Fairies, by D. R. McAnally, Jr.
Far Darrig in Donegal, by Letitia Maclintock
The Brown Man, by Gerald Griffin
Satan as Sculptor, by D. R. McAnally, Jr.
Donald and His Neighbors, Traditional
The Eyes of the Dead, by Daniel Corkery
Darby O'Gill and the Leprechaun, by Herminie Kavanagh
Daniel Crowley and the Ghosts, Traditional
The Defeat of the Widows, by D. R. McAnally, Jr.
From the Crock of Gold, by James Stephens
The Canterville Ghost, by Oscar Wilde
The Haunted Cellar, by Thomas Crofton Croker
The Henpecked Giant, by D. R. McAnally, Jr.
John Reardon and the Sister Ghosts, Traditional
The Leprechaun, by D. R. McAnally, Jr.The
The Dead Smile, by Francis Marion Crawford
The Blood-Drawing Ghost, by Jeremiah Curtin
Master and Man by Thomas Crofton Croker
The Ghosts and the Game of Football, by Patrick Kennedy
How the Lakes Were Made, by D. R. McAnally, Jr.
The Specter Lovers, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
The Crucifixion of the Outcast, by W. B. Yeats
The Witch Hare, from Dublin University Magazine
Wicked Captain Walshawe, by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu
Taming the Pooka, by D. R. McAnally, Jr.
The Gollan, by A. E. Coppard
A Play-House in the Waste, by George Moore
The Legend of Knockgrafton, by Thomas Crofton Croker
The Three Wishes, by William Carleton
The Sexton of Cashel, by D. R. McAnally, Jr.
Daniel O'Rourke, by Thomas Crofton Croker
The Field of Bolianus, by Joseph Jacobs
Notes Printed in the United States of America


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