Soundi 11/1980

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Soundi
Editor in Chief Timo Kanerva
Managing Editor Seppo Pietikäinen
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Seppo Pietikäinen
Editor Waldemar Wallenius*
Editor Jukka Mikkola
Other J-V Sappinen*
Subscription Editor Timo Marttinen
Contributor Mikko Montonen
Contributor Arto Pajukallio
Contributor Mikael Wiik
Contributor Juho Juntunen
Contributor Juhani Kansi
Contributor J.A. Blom
Contributor Jussi Niemi
Contributor Tapio Korjus
Contributor Hannu Tervaharju
Contributor Pertti Ojala
Contributor Jyrki Siukonen
Contributor Pertti Ström
Contributor Jouko Turunen
Contributor Timo Vähäsilta
Contributor Harri Uusitorppa
Contributor Asko Alanen
Contributor Dougie Gordon
Contributor John Tobler
Contributor Esa Koivio
Photography Jukka Vuokola
Publisher Lehtijussi Oy
Printed by Satakunnan Kirjateollisuus Osakeyhtiö
About/Subject Hassisen Kone
About/Subject Kauko Röyhkä
About/Subject Delta Cross Band
About/Subject Bad Manners
Interview with/Interviewee Eppu Normaali
Interview with/Interviewee Nick Gravenites
Interview with/Interviewee John Cipollina
About/Subject Wendy Carlos
Interview with/Interviewee Kari Peitsamo
About/Subject Motörhead
Interview with/Interviewee Ian Kilmister
About/Subject Ry Cooder
About/Subject J. Geils Band*
Interview with/Interviewee Peter Wolf
About/Subject The Residents
Interview with/Interviewee St. Petersaari
About/Subject Movies
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
ISBN 743005-0-11
Price 5:90
Format Magazine
Publication Location Finland
Page Count 108 pages
Language Finnish
Notes Jorma-Veikko Sappinen - Personnel.


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