Susan Weinberg, Kate Travers

Simpsons Comics: Unchained


Main Details
Creator Matt Groening
Creative Director Bill Morrison
Managing Editor Terry Delegeane
Operations Manager Robert Zaugh
Art Director/Editor Nathan Kane
Production Director/Manager Christopher Ungar
Editor Susan Weinberg
Editor Kate Travers
Legal Counsel Susan Grode*
Contributing Artist Peter Alexander
Concept Artist Karen Bates
Concept Artist Tim Bavington
Contributing Artist Jeannine black
Contributing Artist Shaun Cashman
Contributing Artist Tim harkins
Contributing Artist Chia-Hsien Jason Ho
Contributing Artist Nathan Kane
Contributing Artist James lloyd
Contributing Artist Bill Morrison
Contributing Writer Ian boothby
Contributing Writer Chuck Dixon
Contributing Writer Scott M Gimple
Contributing Writer Robert L. Graffiti
Contributing Writer Steve Luchsinger
Contributing Writer Tim Maile
Contributing Writer Jesse Leon McCann*
Contributing Writer Bill Morrison
Contributing Writer Billy Rubenstein
Contributing Writer Doug Tuber
Contributing Artist Phil Ortiz
Contributing Artist Julius Preite
Contributing Artist Mike Rote
Contributing Artist Erick Tran
Contributing Artist Chris Ungar*
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-06000797-4
Barcode (UPC) 9780060007973
Format Paperback
Publication Location New York, NY
Page Count 174 pages
Language English
Chapters Simpsons 36: The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth
Simpsons 37: The Absent-Minded Protester
Simpsons 38: Dullards to Donuts
Simpsons 39: Sense and Censorsbility
Simpsons 40: Sideshows Simpsons/The Incredible Edible Exploits Of Lard Lad
Simpsons 41: Bart and the Krusty Brand Fun Factory/ The Day The Nagging Stopped
Simpsons 42: The Homer Show/ Slobberwacky
Notes First Edition
Printed in Canada


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