Weird Tales

Weird Tales, Vol. 9, No. 5

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Weird Tales
Publisher Popular Fiction Publishing Company*
Copyright Holder Popular Fiction Publishing Company*
Editor Farnsworth Wright
Cover Art by C. C. Senf
Contributing Writer Donald Edward Keyhoe
Contributing Writer Seabury Quinn
Contributing Writer Victor Rousseau
Contributing Writer Bryan Irvine
Contributing Writer Ray Cummings
Contributing Writer Robert E. Howard
Contributing Writer Don Robert Catlin
Contributing Writer Cristel Hastings
Contributing Writer Oscar Schisgall
Contributing Writer Adam Hull Shirk
Contributing Writer A. Leslie
Contributing Writer Marc R. Schorer*
Contributing Writer August W. Derleth*
Contributing Writer John Martin Leahy
Contributing Writer Robert S. Carr
Contributing Writer Nathaniel Hawthorne
Series Jules de Grandin
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 25¢
Volume Number 9
Issue Number 5
Format Pulp Magazine
Publication Location Indianapolis, Indiana
Page Count 578-720 pages
Language English
Chapters The Master of Doom — Donald Edward Keyhoe
The Veiled Prophetess — Seabury Quinn
The Man Who Lost His Luck — Victor Rousseau
The Crooked Smile — Bryan Irvine
Explorers into Infinity (Part 2) — Ray Cummings
The Song of the Bats — Robert E. Howard
Listening Death — Don Robert Catlin
Painted Dragons — Cristel Hastings
In Kashla's Garden — Oscar Schisgall
From the Pit — Adam Hull Shirk
Memories — A. Leslie
The Black Castle — Marc R. Schorer & August W. Derleth
Drome (Conclusion) — John Martin Leahy
Phantom Fingers — Robert S. Carr
Weird Story Reprint: Young Goodman Brown — Nathaniel Hawthorne
The Eyrie


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