Soundi 6/1977

(Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Soundi
Editor in Chief Waldemar Wallenius*
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pekka Markkula
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Pekka Markkula
Subscription Editor Väiski Sappinen*
Contributor Mikko Montonen
Contributor Arto Melleri
Contributor Arto Pajukallio
Contributor Mikael Wiik
Contributor Antero Helander
Contributor Jussi Niemi
Contributor Jukka Nummelin
Contributor Timo Koskinen
Contributor Juhani Perätalo
Contributor Timo Kanerva
Contributor Dougie Gordon
Contributor Jukka Kauppinen
Illustrator Juho K. Juntunen*
Illustrator Kari Sipilä
Illustrator Unto Ahjotuli
Photography Anders Gästgivars
Publisher T:mi Soundi
Printed by Satakunnan Kirjateollisuus Osakeyhtiö offset*
About/Subject Bob Marley
About/Subject Tom Waits
About/Subject Ramones
About/Subject Electric Light Orchestra
Interview with/Interviewee Bev Bevan
Interview with/Interviewee Kari Peitsamo
Interview with/Interviewee Royals
Interview with/Interviewee Jussi Raittinen
Interview with/Interviewee The Stranglers
Cover Date
Identifying Codes
Price 3:90
Format Bedsheet Magazine
Publication Location Finland
Page Count 32 pages
Language Finnish


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