Rubicon 2005/9 - Kémek és kalandorok

2005 (Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Rubicon
General Editor Rácz Áprád
Photography Gottl Egon
Publisher Rubikon-Ház Bt.*
Printing/Publishing Director Rácz Árpád
Printed by Veszprém Nyomda Rt.*
Distributed by/Director of Distribution Lapker Rt.
About/Subject Mata Hari
About/Subject Alfred Dreyfus
About/Subject Nuremberg Trials
About/Subject Hungary
About/Subject Soviet Union
Cover Date 2005
Identifying Codes
Issue Number 9
Volume Number XVI
ISSN 0865-6347
Barcode 9 770865 634092 05009
Price 498 Ft
Format Magazine
Publication Location Budapest
Page Count / Font 65 pages
Language Hungarian


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