Jack Kornfield, Gil Fronsdal

Teachings of the Buddha

1999 (This Edition Published)

Main Details
Editor Jack Kornfield
Editor Gil Fronsdal
Copyright Holder Jack Kornfield
Imprint Barnes & Noble Books
Publisher Barnes & Noble, Inc.
Published in/by Arrangement with Shambhala Publications, Inc.
Copyright 1993
Copyright 1996
This Edition Published 1999
This Impression 2001
Identifying Codes
ISBN 0-7607-1496-7
Printer's Key 01 02 03 MC 9 8 7 6 5 4 3
Impression/Printing No. 3rd
Format Hardback
Publication Location United States of America
Page Count 209 pages
Language English
Chapters Editor's Preface
Luminous Mind
The Sage
Metta Sutta
Developing Loving-Kindness
Great Discourse on Blessings
Noble Friendship
The Awakened
Hatred Never Dispels Hate
Sand Castles
Body and Mind
The Empty World
Developing the Mind
Rain, O Sky!
House Builder
Parable of the Arrow
Dharma as Medicine
The Four Noble Truths
Sickness, Old Age, and Death
Crossing the Stream
Parable of the Mustard Seed
Three Characteristics
End of Clinging
Sutra on Totality
Fire Sermon
Master Your Senses
Master Yourself
The Refinement of Mind
Serenity and Joy
Path of Mindfulness
Pith of the Matter
Radiant Presence
Sutra on Full Awareness of Breathing
The Heart
The Abandoning of Sorrow
Parable of the Lute
Inclination of Mind
Inner Peace
Abandoning All Hindrances
Soma and Mara
Songs of the Nuns
Look Within
The Sharpest Sword
Bamboo Acrobats
Blessing Chant
Parable of the Raft
The Kalamas's Dilemma
Criticism and Praise
On Conflict and Concord
Admonishing Others
Conceit of Views
Right Speech
Value of Loving-Kindness
The Woman at the Well
Commitment to Virtue
The Five Precepts
Tending the Sick
Wise Householders
Advice for Sustaining the Community
Knowing a Better Way to Live
Free from All Opinion
Do Not Grasp at Views
On Knowing Karma
Judging Another
A Lamp Unto Yourself
Living in the World
Go Forth Over the Earth
Like Milk and Water
Sharing Blessings
he Dharma Is Like the Ocean
Miracle of Awakening
All Things Conditioned
The Eye of Wisdom
Heart Sutra
The Dharma of Heart
Ĺšariputra and the Goddess
Fleeting World
The Mind of the Ancient Buddhas
Verses on the Faith Mind
Practice of Meditation
Actualizing the Fundamental Point
The Natural Abiding
Enlightenment Has No Form
Song of Mahamudra
Development of Mahamudra
Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation
Tibetan Book of the Dead
Finding the Way
Not Mixing Up Biddhism
The Bodhisattva
Diamond Sutra
Perfection of Giving
Sutra of Hui-neng
Hyakujo and the Fox
Between Birth and Death
Birth and Death are Nirvana
Teachings of Huang Po
Mind is Buddha
Ordinary Mind is the Way
Parable of the Hidden Jewel
Song of Zazen


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