Shindig! No. 86

2018-12 (First Published)

Main Details
Periodical Title Shindig!
Editor in Chief Jon 'Mojo' Mills
Managing Editor Andy Morten
Contributor Grahame Bent
Contributor Christopher Budd
Contributor Louis Comfort-Wiggett
Contributor Hugh Dellar
Contributor Johnnie Johnstone
Contributor Stuart Draper
Contributor Duncan Fletcher
Contributor Gitte Morten
Assistant Editor Paul Osborne
Contributor Jon 'Mojo' Mills
Contributor Andy Morten
Contributor Jeff Penczak
Contributor Paul Ritchie
Contributor Martin Ruddock
Contributor Thomas Patterson
Designed by Andy Morten
Designed by Martin Cook
Publisher Silverback Publishing
Printed by Warners Groups
About/Subject The Radiophonic Workshop
About/Subject Keb Darge
About/Subject Steve Mason
About/Subject Instant Classic
About/Subject Joel Sarakula
About/Subject Bootchy Temple
About/Subject Night Beats
About/Subject Holy Hive
About/Subject Pedrum Siadation
About/Subject Teddy Vann
About/Subject Julie Felix
About/Subject San Francisco
About/Subject Jefferson Airplane
About/Subject Moby Grape
About/Subject Blue Cheer
About/Subject Big Brother & The Holding Company
Editorial Assistant Phil Suggitt
Contributor Joe Banks
Contributor Ben Graham
Contributor Greg Morse
Contributor Mike Fornatale
About/Subject Sopwith Camel
Contributor Lenny Helsing
Contributor Camilla Aisa
Contributor Del Day
Contributor Charles Donovan
Contributor Ben Adlam
Contributor David Bash
Contributor Richard Allen (2)
Publisher Tom Saunders
Director Andy Crispin
Sales Manager Alan Thomas
Contributor Greg Healey
Contributor Cam Cobb
Contributor Kate Hodges
Contributor Kris Needs
Contributor Henry Hutton
Contributor Richard Knight
Contributor Harvey Kubernik
Contributor Julian Marszalek
Contributor Fiona McQuarrie
Contributor Steven Nicholls
First Published 2018-12
Identifying Codes
Barcode 9771754361051
Price £5.50
Format Magazine
Publication Location United Kingdom
Page Count / Font 100 pages
Language English


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