$uicideboy$ - Eternal Grey lyric book

2017-02-20 (First Published)

Main Details
Lyrics by $uicideboy$
First Published 2017-02-20
Format Hardback
Page Count / Font 36 pages
Language English
Chapters Chapter 1. the collapse of the underground: the world is fucking grey
- breakdalaw2k16
- say cheese and die
- eclipse

Chapter 2. a new age of enlightenment: repairing a throne left soaking in the flood
- chariot of fire
- i want to believe
- uglier

Chapter 3. metamorphosis: bigging up the roots to plant them in different soil
- water $uicide
- elysian fields
- 275 $uicide

Chapter 4. self-destruction: the resurrection of old ghosts
- lucky me
- it's hard to win when you always lose
- o pana!

Chapter 5. transfiguration: inhaling humanity, exhaling dibinity
- ultimate $uicide
- leave your things behind II
Notes Only 300 made, all copies signed and numbered by $uicideboy$.


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