Heidi Kärkkäinen

Suosikki Extra 10B/1984

1984-10 (Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Suosikki
Publisher Lehtimiehet Oy
Editor in Chief Jyrki Hämäläinen
Sub-Editor Elina Orma
Sub-Editor Pia Taleva
Editor Heidi Kärkkäinen
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Jouni Karvonen
Photography Fred Ohert
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Ilkka Lumiaho
Advertising Tarja Penttala
Printed by Helprint Oy
About/Subject Iron Maiden
About/Subject Dio
About/Subject Menudo
About/Subject Duran Duran
About/Subject Tin Janine
About/Subject The Herrey's
About/Subject Van Halen
About/Subject Neumann
About/Subject Jussi Hakulinen
About/Subject Pate Mustajärvi
About/Subject The Rolling Stones
About/Subject John Lennon
About/Subject David Bowie
About/Subject W.A.S.P.
About/Subject Prince
Cover Date 1984-10
Identifying Codes
ISBN B 787515-4-10
Price 8,90 mk
Format Magazine
Publication Location Finland
Page Count / Font 80 pages
Language Finnish


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