Heidi Kärkkäinen

Suosikki 3/1984

1984-03 (Cover Date)

Main Details
Periodical Title Suosikki
Publisher Lehtimiehet Oy
Editor in Chief Jyrki Hämäläinen
Sub-Editor Pia Bursell
Sub-Editor Elina Orma
Editor Heidi Kärkkäinen
Layout by/Layout Coordinator Jouni Karvonen
Photography Fred Ohert
Contributor Andy Gray
Contributor Ilpo Musto
Contributor Dolf Hartman
Contributor Armando Gallo
Contributor Kjell Johansson
Contributor Erkki Pälli
Contributor Merja Halmevaara-Molarius
Contributor Erkki-Pekka J. Helle
Contributor Hannele Willberg
Contributor Markku Veijalainen
Contributor Kikke Herlin
Contributor Arja-Liisa Lehtinen
Contributor Juho Juntunen
Contributor Mikko Montonen
Contributor Eero Helasvuori
Contributor Riitta Mäkinen
Contributor Tapani Ripatti
Contributor Mauri Kunnas
Contributor Erkki Vuokila
Contributor Kaarina Kokkonen
Contributor Päivi Väänänen
Advertising Manager/Coordinator Ilkka Lumiaho
Advertising Anja Sartokari
Printed by Helprint Oy
About/Subject Hanoi Rocks
About/Subject John Lennon
About/Subject Yoko Ono
About/Subject Michael Jackson
About/Subject Eppu Normaali
About/Subject Marilyn
About/Subject Paul Young
About/Subject Frankie Goes To Hollywood
About/Subject Tracey Ullman
About/Subject Sal Solo
About/Subject Kake Randelin
About/Subject Broadcast (2)
About/Subject Sean Connery
About/Subject Ritchie Blackmore
Cover Date 1984-03
Identifying Codes
ISBN 787507-4-03
Price 12,50 mk
Format Magazine
Publication Location Finland
Page Count / Font 112 pages
Language Finnish


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