Sol Cohen

Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader, April 1953

1953 (Copyright)

Main Details
Periodical Title Avon Science Fiction and Fantasy Reader
Publisher Stratford Novels Inc.
Copyright Holder Stratford Novels Inc.
Publisher Joseph Meyers
President Joseph Meyers
Vice President Maurice Diamond
Business Director Maurice Diamond
Circulation Director/Manager Frederick A. Klein*
Editor in Chief Charles Raymond Byrne
Editor Sol Cohen
Assistant Editor Noah Gordon
Cover Art by Leo Manso
Contributing Writer Jack Vance
Contributing Writer William Vine
Contributing Writer Irving E. Cox, Jr.*
Contributing Writer John Christopher
Contributing Writer Henderson Starke
Contributing Writer Alan Payne
Contributing Writer Milton Lesser
Contributing Writer Noah Gordon
Contributing Writer Stephen Marlowe
Contributing Writer John Jakes
Contributing Writer Dr. R. S. Richardson*
Contributing Writer Arthur C. Clarke
Copyright 1953
Cover Date 1953-04
Identifying Codes
Price 35 cents
Issue Number 2
Volume Number 1
Format Magazine
Publication Location New York
Page Count / Font 128 pages
Language English
Chapters DP! — Jack Vance
The Rather Improbable History of Hillary Kiffer — William Vine
Survivor — Irving E. Cox, Jr.
Breaking Point — John Christopher
As Holy and Enchanted — Henderson Starke
Hunt the Red Roe — Alan Payne
Crack of Doom — Milton Lesser
The Space Ark (Book Reviews) — Noah Gordon
The Agent — Stephen Marlowe
Forever Is So Long — John Jakes
A Night on Mars Hill (article) — Dr. R. S. Richardson
The Parasite — Arthur C. Clarke
Notes Printed in U.S.A.


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